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Towns and more

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    on Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:29 pm
    Earth [Giant+]
    Nature [Fairy Exclusive]
    Light [Druid Exclusive
    Darkness [Demon Exclusive]

    Wessex [King Eowin]
    - Lundane
    - Winchester
    - Canterbury


    • Adria
    • Deckard Cain: Deckard Cain is a scholar well versed in obscure lore and history of the arcane. He serves as a schoolmaster and storyteller in Tristram. In his spare time, he is hunting for artifacts and lore that will help him piece together the ongoing events.
    • Farnham: Farnham was among those led into the cathedral by Lazarus, in an attempt to rescue Prince Albrecht. Farnham survived, but he suffered his own wounds. Pepin was able to heal Farnham physically, but there was nothing that Pepin could do to restore his mind. The experience had shattered Farnham's spirit, and he turned to liquor for an escape.
    • Gillian: Gillian is a barmaid at the inn. Ogden and his wife gave her a job and residence. Gillian takes on a fair share of the work, which runs through the daylight hours. She is very grateful for their generosity however, she hopes that one day she can leave and help them start a grand hotel in the East. However, her grandmother is too ill to travel, so she is committed to remaining in Tristram. Ogden begged her to leave, telling her that she would look after Gillian's grandmother, but she refused to do so
    • Griswold: Griswold is a blacksmith. A balding man, his lifetime of smithwork shows in his hulking shoulders, huge biceps and meaty hands. He is friendly, especially to adventurers who have the coin to pay for his services. He entered the cathedral long ago in attempt to find and rescue prince Aidan, but it was a trap set by Lazarus. Thanks to Farnham, Griswold survived, but his leg wound rendered him incapable of fighting anymore.
         Kael Rills
    • Lester:[/] Lester is a farmer who used to live where the hive has popped up. He can be seen talking to the cows and the other town people think he has gone mad, but they feel sorry for him because he lost everything.

    • Ogden: Ogden is the owner of the Dahlia Inn. He served many adventurers over his life, and heard many tales from them. As despair gripped the village, Ogden's tavern provided an anchor of sorts to its people. Farnham was one of them, who regularly comes to the tavern to drown his sorrows. Under normal circumstances, Ogden would have made him leave, but remembering what Farnham had suffered in the labyrinth, allows him to stay.
    • Pepin:
    • Wirt: Wirt the Peg-Legged Boy is a youth from Tristram who offers his services to heroes as a smuggler. Wirt grew up in Tristram and has a knack for getting into trouble. He also has a knack for shady dealings, ranging from simple sign stealing to setting up connections with guilds outside town. While Wirt was a scoundrel before the loss of his leg, the ordeal cast a darkness over his soul. When interacting he demonstrates a sarcastic, profit-driven mindset—dismissive of his fellow villagers and just as dismissive of the hero's efforts. He focuses entirely on himself, and what he could steal.

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