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    on Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:13 am

    Powers: Powers are mysterious abilities invoked through unknown means. The source of an individual's power is stated to be drawn from one's will, beliefs and experience. Though the catalyst to awaken one's power is unknown; power resides within the body itself. This is supported by the Holy Knight's belief that their bodies are imbued with "magic that transcends human knowledge." A power can also be gained and utilized from sources of power by research and experimentation. The Holy Knights of different kingdoms use their magical abilities to protect their people and lands from various threats in Britannia.

    Moves: These abilities can be categorized into offensive, defensive and support skills in battle. These powers grant users various advantages and benefits when engaged in combat, however, there are drawbacks for using them. For example, Full Counter's inability to reflect indirect or normal attacks; Ruin's ability requires a unique staff's bell to make it work; Wall's instability when the user lose control of their emotions; and Invasion's requirement of a long-range distance.

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