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    on Sun Jul 06, 2014 3:25 am
    Welcome to Fairy Tail PvP, a Fairy Tail combat based roleplay in which you are the master of your own guild.

    As you begin your journey you will be allowed to create a single character for your guild which will serve as the founder of the guild. Try to stay alive and collect jewels by roleplaying with other members. Jewels can be used to purchase characters for your guild. There are two types of characters: Story Characters (now called SC) and Protagonist Characters (now called PC).

    SC are characters without a face and name. They can not be used to roleplay with. They serve as the a base for your story and of course in combat. Purchasing ten novice SC mages means that your odds in war are better compared to the guild that only has five novice SC mages. A good example would be the battle against Phantom Lord in which you saw countless mages battling against each other that were not mentioned in the story.

    PC on the other hand are characters with a face and name that can be used to roleplay with in threads. They are the Natsus, Grays, Lucys and Erzas of your guild. They are used to develop the story of your guild and of course in PvP battles. Try not to get too attached to your characters since death is always on the corner. Guilds are eager to challenge your PC characters to gain more fame.

    SC characters are purchased in the shop. Simply state which one you want, how much you want and the other required info that is mentioned in the shop thread. A mod will deduct your jewels and add them to your profile. PC characters are made by yourself but still requires you to purchase a slot in the shop. Once a PC character dies, its slot will disappear as well. This is to prevent people from carelessly killing off their characters to create new ones for free.

    Anyway, to house the SC and PC characters you need a decent sized guild. The shop also has a section in which you can increase the size of your guild, change its shape etc. Guilds with a higher level can apply their own ideas and get them reviewed and priced by staff. Such as a floating guild or an underwater guild. As you create your guild building, get some SC and PC you might wonder what to do next.

    The goal on the forum is to increase the fame, size and popularity of your guild. This is done through combat. Every time your PC wins against the PC of another guild you get fame. Every time your SC win a war against other SC you get fame. It is possible to completely wipe out another guild by taking down almost all of their SC and PC and then destroy their guild hall. However, the same goes for you. There are guilds out there waiting for a chance to take you down.

    This is why you will see alliances everywhere to ensure safety and guilds serving other guilds in return for protection.

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