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Fairy Tail

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    on Wed May 21, 2014 11:32 pm
    Long ago, before the Fairy Tail timeline of the show, the continent was divided in thirteen provinces. Each province had a somewhat different culture, political system, beliefs etc. From time to time, provinces would engage into combat. Sometimes it was merely a display of power. Other times it was about resources, beliefs or honor. These provinces were held together by bands of mages known as guilds (referring to clans here). Often wealth and power were based of land ownership and that proved which guilds were wealthier and which ones were more powerful than others.

    But it wasn't all about waving beautiful banners with guild symbols on them. Distress between guilds were also common. Usually they would be sorted out by offering a token of peace. Sometimes this would be something that would be everlasting as a sign of a bond between two guilds. Such as marriage between a guild master and the daughter of the other guild master. Sometimes marriages would simply be arranged to confirm the safety of a minor guild in return for use of their land by the major guild.

    And this is where your story begins. You are somewhere in one of the provinces. Your background is to be determined by you. Whether you join an existing guild or form a band of brothers of your own is also up to you. Possibilities are endless. Chances are that one day your guild will reign supreme in your province. For now, you just need to manage to survive in this harsh world to climb your way up.

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